Stereo Production

Stereoscopy is long winded, so it's referred to as "Stereo" in the industry. We're not talking about hearing sounds in both ears - we're talking about seeing sights in both eyes. Did you know that you perceive depth because you have two eyes? With 2 cameras set-up (which simulates both eyes) it is used to control the level of depth you see and that is when our fun begins with creating great Stereo footage!

The Ultimate Stereo System

The Ultimate Stereo System provides professional film makers a fully planned 3D camera system set-up with ground breaking key features of SI3D (Silcon Imagings 3D Camera system), PS-IMS-Interchangeable Mount System (Lensing), and its ability to provide Macro shooting (Table Top) the 1st in the market. Please visit our Stereo Equipment Rental page for quote inquiry and contact us for Stereo Consulting.

3D Rig Options

2D Digital Cinema Camera Options

Tripod Options