Moving into studio 103 today. Received the Si2K DVR. It's cooler than I thought. Why hasn't this happened sooner? Everything is IT centric and lens mount agnostic. The mini head fits right into the DVR very cleverly. It runs Windows embedded, which is great; we can hack away.
It's nice to have such an open system.
Ari's been great to deal with - very open and responsive.
We're outfitting the camera on a Steadicam tomorrow and, once we've worked everything out, we're sending the rig to Sarah's MyDeadBrain shoot in Florida. It's a lot to grasp, as our whole work-flow is changing. The whole idea of shooting RAW 2k and being able to set .looks in post is awesome. It could be SD and still be amazing because of the open design, improved compression and RAW workflow.