Modo 302

Modo 302 was just released. Hoping that we can use this on leopard 10.5. Minah's been modeling with Modo but hasn't been able to use 301 in either OS X or XP, as it's always crashing, but the 301 sculpting tools are really cool. 302 Brings other enhancements, the most relevant to us is:
  • Modeling Improvements

    modo’s selection tools are further simplified with a Select Close Loop option that intuitively selects polygons based on the first two polygons selected.

    • New Flex tool streamlines posing of tentacles, fingers and antennae or similar organic mesh edits
    • Tool positioning is made more flexible and automatic via a new Selection Border action center and the new Selection Falloff
    • Interpolated strokes make modo sculpting and painting even smoother
    • The Edge Extend tool now includes a customizable tool that lets you move, rotate and scale
    • New Join Edge, Join Edge Average and Split Edge options provide new edge editing control
    • A new Set Vertex Normals command lets you create a new vertex normals vertex map (prior to file export for example)