As part of our high speed solutions, we're happy to announce the arrival of 3 new Arri High Speed 1000 Hz HMI ballasts for Flicker-free light up to 5000 fps.  
  • one 2500/4000W HS w/ALF
  • two 1200/1800W HS w/ALF,DMX & CCL

Additionally, we are matching these ballasts with:
  • one M40/25
  • one M18/12
  • one Compact 1200
The M40/25 accepts either a 4,000 watt HMI bulb or a 2,500 watt HMI bulb.  Likewise, the M18/12 accept either a 1,800 watt or 1,200 watt HMI bulb.  The M series Arri heads use a focusable reflector that provides beam control from 18-52 degrees without loosing light through a fresnel or a par type of front lens. 

To rent these in the New York city area, please call us, or use the form on our contact page.