In addition to the Arri High Speed HMI lights we recently added to our rental inventory, we're excited to announce the arrival of a Briese focus 220 High Speed (1000 Hz) 4K HMI.  If you're looking to shoot people in high speed (greater than 75 frames per second that's possieble with regular "flicker free" ballasts), this is the light.  We learned the hard way that the Briese Tungsten 5K is actually 4 filaments, so at high speeds there's significant flickering, not to mention how hot it is to be in front of tungsten lights.  Like the Arri High Speed HMIs, the "flicker free" technology is in the  ballasts, and instead of being flicker free up to 75 Hz, like most ballasts, our Arri and Briese ballasts run flicker free at 1000 Hz.

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