Shooting 3D feature films as quickly as 2D

When shooting on-set, it’s critical to minimize interruptions that disrupt the creative process.  Directors and talent are accustomed to and have adapted to the interruptions necessary for modern film making, but anything that slows the process is creatively and financially expensive.  STEREOTEC acknowledges the importance of keeping a 3D production shooting at the same pace as a 2D feature and delivers the tools that make it possible without the loss of quality inherent in 2D to 3D conversions, or the much larger post-production cost of such conversions.  Now that shooting in 3D is no more complicated than in 2D, native 3D productions become the economical choice that also provides superior quality.
An example was the recent Paramount production HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS: "We were originally planning to shoot only three scenes in 3D and convert the rest. When we saw how quickly we could move, I pushed to shoot as much as possible in 3D, and the finished film turned out to be about 50% native...The producers backed me all the way when they realized we’d get all the setups we wanted and still make our days”, says DoP Michael Bonvillain.