shooting 4k's easy, but dealing with 4k in post isn't

Now that we've started shooting in 4K we're experiencing data-deluge.  It's awesome!  66 minutes of 4k raw is 512GB (24p).  In stereo this is doubled.  When it's demosaiced, it's huge.  Storage that used to suffice for 2k compressed raw is suddenly tiny and slow.  Moving files across 10Gb ethernet using windows file sharing is disappointing.  What to do?

Here's the network topology that we're implementing as part of our solution.  

It seems like most people in the media/entertainment world are using Quantum Storenext, and maybe we will too, but 1st we're going to try using portions of the Openstack storage filesystem. Specifically we'll try Gluster File System with the Cinder Plug-in.  Hopefully this will allow block-level, shared access amongst our editing and color workstations.  

During the design of this, we considered using our existing 10Gb ethernet, but I'm so tired of waiting for files to move across networks and dealing with slow drives, so we're opting for 56 Gb FDR infiniband as the backbone of the network.  The disk arrays, once the system's installed and ready to run will be populated with these new Crucial 960 GB SSD drives, if they ever ship.