Current WorleyWorks capabilities

Our motion capture system is especially well suited to real time applications, as each marker is uniquely identifiable to the camera system, so there is no possibility of marker swapping.  Marker swapping occurs in reflective, passive marker systems because the camera system has to make a decision at every frame about which marker is which based on an initial assignment; sometimes the decision can be wrong, especially when markers come into close proximity to each other, such as crossing arms or if performers touch. 
Additionally, our motion capture system can send a live stream of data to Unity for driving character animation and is very portable. 

We have high-frame-rate stereo-3d camera systems and high-frame-rate stereo-3d post capability . Our advanced stereoscopic 3d system is designed to be the front end of a complete high-frame-rate solution utilizing  Stereolab's PURE Stereo 3d analyzer with live analysis and rig correction enabling the use of zoom lenses and fast initial alignment after changing prime lenses.  We use matched Cooke primes, global shutter f55s, and Aladin MK2 motorization on Stereotec Light Weight rigs. 

SGO and their post-production Mistika system will be delivered and integrated into our facility during the next few weeks providing stereoscopic 3d grading, finishing and delivery.  SGO Mistika is best known from its use at Park Road Post where it is central to their high-frame-rate of The Hobbit. This system will be using the Barco DP-4Kp, a 4K post production projector.  

We feature specialty lighting appropriate for high speed filming with HMI ballasts that operate at 1000Hz.  Central to this is our Briese 220 Daylight 4K HMI high speed (1000 Hz) light system.  Additionally we offer 4K/2K Arri M40 and 1.8K Arri M18 high speed (1000 Hz) kits.

We have great experience in pulling highly saturated keys with our combination of camera, raw recording, green screen material and green screen lighting that in accordance with the recommendations found in the ASC manual.  This includes screens from Composite Components and Kino Flo fluorescent fixtures with Kino Flo's chroma green tubes.  
We utilize an interesting collection of analogue and digital microphones.  We've found the digital microphones are a big improvement over what's commonly used in production.