Sony released new firmware for our F55 cameras that enables 240 frames per second 2K, full frame acquisition.  There is no windowing that occurs, so the field of view is unchanged, regardless of frame rates, and since the sensor is Super 35 mm size our Cooke lenses are ideal.  This means that high frame rates can be accomplished at wide angles.
The F55 isn't a high speed camera system like the Phantom, and that's great for a lot of high speed requirements.  The most obvious is that the 2K is being recorded directly to disk, and not to a memory buffer that is triggered to write to disk.  This means it's just another frame rate choice, and not an onset workflow issue.  The new frame rates available with this firmware are 120, 180, 240 and 24.  Previously 24p was 23.98p.
The high speed option has been promised since the cameras were first release, but concurrent with the camera's firmware upgrade is the release of RAW viewer 2.0 which delivers ProRes export and the integration of Tangent Wave panels to control the software color wheels.  This is amazing!  Working with the Raw can be a data challenge, one that we're equipped for, but not all of our clients are.  While we're investing in infrastructure to meet this challenge, it's because we work with these files every day.  The F55 records editorially friendly XAVC or MPEG2 proxies, but being able to do some Primary grading in the Raw viewer and then convert to ProRes or SR gives the camera department, Directors and DPs a  way to communicate their color decisions, as well as a practical way to handle challenging lighting situations that can only be handled by capturing the sensor's full dynamic range.
It's an exciting time to be acquiring digitally, and to be working with such amazing tools.