Motion Capture

Motion capture a.k.a. Mocap is the process of recording a performer's motions that are then used to animate a digital character.

Mocap System

Our 21 camera Optical Motion Capture System by PhaseSpace provides the cleanest data and the best performance we've seen on market. The system is capable of simultaneously recording two people. By tracking each marker uniquely and eliminating marker swapping, it captures at 120 frames per second and has the ability to track and record fingers. While the camera system is usually based in our studio, it is capable of shooting on location, and since the markers are LEDs, they operate in most daylight conditions. Additionally, the visible markers can be swapped out with infrared LEDs.


Advantages of our Mocap System:
  • Real-time tracking of multiple subjects & objects
  • Patented active marker technology eliminates marker-swapping for cleaner data
  • Remote Capture
  • Solid, precise motion data with sub-millimeter resolution
  • Streamlined operation means a single person can setup and run the system
  • Portable system enabling indoor and outdoor motion capture
  • 480hz capture rate accurately tracks the fastest motions
  • Stream motion data directly into third-party software such as MotionBuilder, JACK, Visual3D, etc...
Flexible, Scalable and Powerful
  • Simultaneous 2 person capture; more with multiple systems
  • Track very high speed motion at up to 480 frames per second
  • Capture spaces can be anywhere from 8'x8' to 50'x50', even larger with overlapping camera setups or multiple systems
  • Scales from 2 cameras to 48+ cameras
  • Used by demanding, high-profile customers including NASA, Naval Research Lab, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Disney, Harmonix, University of Cambridge, Stanford, and UC Berkeley

Data Delivery

After the capture session, WorleyWorks can provide post production services of Data-Clean Up, Rigging and Retargeting, Custom Skeleton, and Post Animation. We have the expertise to handle every aspect of production from start to finish. WorleyWorks captures the raw data (C3D files) and delivers the C3D files online. We can also convert the C3D files to BVH or FBX. Please contact us for sample data!